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Argus Gemma Nera - Ex1, CAC, r.CACIB

Amara Gemma Nera - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Alwaro Gemma Nera a jeho krásna panička

Cane Corso

The Italian breed Cane Corso belongs to molossoid breeds and it is a direct descendant of Roman martial dogs.

Characteristic properties of the breed are the following: faithfulness, obedience, strength, endurance, and courage. They are the qualities for which the dogs have been bred for centuries. The dog is absolutely faithful to his owner and the family. The dog is not marked by wrong training he does not attack anybody and he is not aggressive, he intervenes only in a case of direct danger, then the intervention is resolute, energetic, and uncompromising.  At present popularity of the breed has been increasing for his strong territorial instinct and endless love to his owner and the family, who mean everything to him and he is prepared to defend them deeply from his heart and by the body till his last breath. Cane Corso loves children and becomes their faithful and unique friend and guard who likes taking part in each children´s play. 

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